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Atlantic Autos

About Atlantic Autos GAMBIA

Established in December 2018, our mission is to be the best rental car service in The Gambia. As a customer, we believe that you do not have to negotiate for top-class customer service. It is simply what you deserve. Customers who book a car with us before arrival at Yundum International Airport enjoy a free airport pick-up ride upon arrival and a guaranteed drop-off ride as well.

If you are in The Gambia, we make it even easier for you. Whether you book online, by phone or in-person, we can deliver the rental car to you for free. Choose wisely and rent a car with us!

We are different because we think differently and do business differently. From the minute you rent a car with us, our goal is to make you enjoy uninterrupted experience of the car up to the minute you return it. If you pay us, we believe you have met the minimum to enjoy roadside assistance. This means no matter what part of the country you are, if the rental car breaks down and you are unable to continue your Gambian experience, you can count on us to deliver another car to you and it would not cost you extra.

We realize our customers may want different things at different times that fits different needs. If you prefer buying a car instead of renting, count on us for competitive pricing and payment mechanisms. If you prefer leasing, our auto sales experts will provide the best advice and offer you various options to make sure your auto-lease is worthwhile.

We leverage technology and we take pride in using state-of-the art business systems geared towards consistently exceeding customer expectations by delivering a World class business to maximize The Gambian experience.